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TPLT Day 1 Resources

2 Samoan only Gestures table & instructions
3 Samoan Gestures
4 gestures Samoan and English
4 pictures for matching activity
5 blank trimono
6 Expressions for Trimono
7 Samoan trimono
8 join the dots with key
9 join the dots A & B
10 command pictures for teacher
11 matching expressions English-Samoan
12 Samoan expressions for matching with pictures
TPLT Day 2 Resources

1 Place mat Samoan
2 Samoan poems songs
2 song poem
3 Address Ppt presentation alphabet
4 Numela ma Mataitusi stopwatch
5 join the dot no keys
5 join the dots instructions (pinguins)
5 join the dots with keys
6 number grid
7 harder trimono Samoan
8 booklet

Pasifika readings:

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TPLT lesson planning template
Lesson planning template for TPLT Visits 3 and 4
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