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See the following links for further learning about Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) available through the Australian Language Learning Space.

Do Coyle, a UK expert on CLIL, provides guidance about the 4C’s Framework and the Language Triptych in this 15 minute video: Part C - The Content and language integrated learning approach.

What does CLIL look like in the classroom? What works? Why bother? This link, published 2016, provides some entry points for teachers interested in taking their first steps into CLIL. CLIL: A toe in the waterImproving language outcomes: http://www.lls.edu.au/teacherspace/professionallearning/2186?sectionid=123  
Useful tips about the 4C’s Framework and the Language triptych can be found in The CLIL Tool Kit (section entitled Stage 3: Planning a Unit).

Main readings

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Jane and Dave Willis’s website has task-based lesson plans and information about Task-Based Language Teaching. http://www.willis-elt.co.uk/


Day 7 presentation by Dr Ai-Hsin Ho, 'Culturally rich tasks'

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