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About the Programme

TPLT supports the teaching and learning of Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Samoan, Niuean, Cook Islands Māori, Tongan and Tokelauan. TPLT is an in-service year-long programme for teachers at all New Zealand schools. Prior to 2017, TPLT was known as TPDL.

Teachers improve their own language capabilities

As part of the TPLT programme, a teacher can learn a language at a level and through a method appropriate to their needs and their situation. Teachers may attend regular classes, study by distance or have customised lessons. Teachers are encouraged and supported to prepare for internationally recognised language proficiency tests. This component is reviewed on an individual basis throughout the year.

Teachers update and deepen their understanding of effective additional language teaching

As part of TPLT, teachers do a 15 point 300 level university course entitled "Teaching Languages in Schools". This focuses on deepening understanding of second language acquisition research and practice, the New Zealand Curriculum and effective classroom pedagogy. The course is customised for, and restricted to, participants of TPLT; it is delivered regionally in four 2-day blocks.

Teachers reflect on their own practice

In-School Support Facilitators visit teachers once a term to observe lessons and facilitate evidence-based learning discussions. The research-based observation criteria and evidence-gathering tools provide the structure for reflective conversation. Teachers can assess their professional learning and development through the year and the impact it is having on the learning of their students.

TPLT (formerly known as TPDL) has been a Ministry of Education funded programme for 13 years. The team is proud of the positive results seen in classrooms all over New Zealand.

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